How Can I Unlock the GokuMarket Modules to Earn Rewards

The GokuMarket Super App offers many different service modules and ways to use cryptocurrencies.

It is simple! For every module that you actively use, it will unlock and enable you to earn Affiliate Program Rewards.

Below is an overview of all the Affiliate Rewards modules that can be unlocked for earnings one by one:

Rewards: Guide for Beginners

How Many Types of GokuMarket Affiliate Program Rewards are there?

There are five types of Affiliate Rewards; Direct, Differential, Elite, RevShare, and Team Bonus. The rewards sharing opportunity is not limited to just one kind of reward per transaction. You can earn all these types of rewards – check it out!

What are the Types of GokuMarket Affiliate Program Rewards?

Let’s understand each of these five types of rewards and how they work.

  • Direct Rewards: invite and share your affiliate code with as many users as possible to register with you as their sponsor. GokuMarket Affiliate Program is based on uni-level, which means that you can invite an unlimited number of users. Once you have unlocked certain modules and your direct users start to actively use such unlocked modules, then you will receive rewards based on their module activity with trading (instant & advanced), GMC Vault, KYC Rewards, AI Bots + DeFi, AutoBots, shopping and more.
  • Differential Rewards: Rewards: when your direct affiliates invite and share their affiliate code with users who register, then such users become your Differential Affiliates. For each module you have unlocked, you will receive Differential Rewards, calculated on the basis of the Unlocked Module, your G-Rank, the specific feature’s rewards cap, and the differential user’s amount of activity.
  • Elite Rewards: all users with a G10-Rank are known as “Elite” users. When a direct affiliate of an Elite user is also an Elite user, then the Elite Sponsor will receive 1% of all affiliate earnings from Direct Elite Affiliate.
  • Rev Share: is designed for celebrities & influencers, so they can share their earnings with their managers, marketing agencies and agents in real-time. Any user, irrespective of their G-Rank, can share their Affiliate Rewards with their direct sponsor by allocating a RevShare percentage of the earned Affiliate Rewards.
  • Team Bonus: choose between creating, joining, or being invited to a team. During each calendar month, the team will work together to reach $100k USD earnings in combined Affiliate Rewards. Once achieved, there will be a 5% team bonus distributed to all team members based on their individual contribution towards the $100k USD.

Team Bonus: Guide for Beginners

We have all heard the expressions of ‘the more the merrier, ‘strength in togetherness’ and so many more sayings for how it is always good to work in a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More)!

GokuMarket wants to offer the opportunity to the community to come together and show strength in the numbers.

What Does the Team Bonus Achieve?

It allows all users to collaborate and work together to earn additional Affiliate Rewards without doing any extra activities. All users will have a chance to earn extra Affiliate Rewards based on their collective efforts with their ordinary activities in the Affiliate Program. For each $100k USD in combined Affiliate Rewards that the team reaches during a calendar month, they will receive an additional 5% Team Bonus distributed between the team members based on the actual contribution each team member achieved.