XT.com Invitation Code Get 90% Discount on Exchange

XT.com Invitation Code is WGLX5YOVKW which helps you to get up to 90% discount on trading. So if you are creating an account then use the XT.com Invitation Code to get cashback and a discount on the trading fee. XT.com is offering 20-50% of the commission so why not use XT Invitation Code and save on crypto while trading.

XT.com Invitation Code Link:- CLICK HERE and register your account in XT.com by using this link.

xt.com invitation code

XT Exchange is the world’s first social-infused exchange. The platform has a global top-level domain name XT.com, with more than 2 million registered users, more than 200,000 active users monthly, and more than 7 million users in the ecosystem.
The platform owns a wealth of transaction varieties, such as exchange trading, OTC trading, margin trading, contract trading, etc.; XT.com has a comprehensive transaction platform with more than 100 high-quality currencies and 300 trading pairs.

XT.com Invitation Code 2021

XT Invitation Code is WGLX5YOVKW

👉 XT  Signup Bonus!
➡️ XT.com Invitation Code WGLX5YOVKW
💰 Welcome Bonus 90% Discount on Trading Fee
✅ Valid Now

How To Create Account on XT.com using Invitation code

XT.com invitation code
Referral QR
  1. Click Here & Visit XT.com Page
  2. Signup either with E-mail or with Mobile No. with your own choice
  3. Verify Your E-mail or Mobile No.
  4. Enter XT.com Invitation Code : WGLX5YOVKW
  5. Create account
  6. Start trading in USDT, BTC or any other convenient pair.

How To Refer & Earn From XT.com

  1. After Signup Kindly go to the dashboard
  2. You will see My Account
  3. In My Account Menu, you will see Super Partner
  4. From Super Partner You can share your XT Invitation Code or link with friends and relative
  5. You can Earn Unlimited Money by Referring

XT.com Partner Program

  • The lower level between the number of valid users level or monthly transaction volume level.

  • 2.Number of valid users: Invited users to become valid users must meet the following three requirements at the same time

  • 1) a total historical deposit of any digital asset is not less than the worth of 50 USDTt (stay at least 48 hours in the account);

    2) at least one transaction record;

  • 3.Minimum transaction volume of 30 days: the accumulated transaction amount within 30 days of the partners and all their subordinate referred users equivalent amount of BTC;

  • 4.Transaction fee discount: refers to the partner’s own trading action (excluding subordinates referrals)

  • 5.Rewards ratio: refers to the commission fees generated by the transactions of all users recommended by partner (including the users who do not complete advanced real-name authentication) which are awarded according to the corresponding partners grading rules;

  • 6.Partner upgrade rules: The system will upgrade the partner rating from 0-9 o’clock every day, based on:

    1)the number of valid users added in the previous day will reach the next level;

    2)whether the transaction volume for 30 consecutive days will reach The next level, if the above two points are reached, the upgrade will be performed according to the lower level of these two conditions;

  • 7.Partner downgrading rules: The partner level is evaluated within 30 days after the last upgrade/downgrade. If the current level requirements are not met, the partner is downgraded according to the requirements of the partner level.
  • 8.Deposit and withdrawal fee, leveraged interest does not participate in commission rebate。
  • 9.If the invitee violates the corresponding risk control rules of the invitation rebate, the handling fee will not be returned to the inviter.



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