BingX Referral Code: ECXECA (Claim Welcome Bonus 2024)

BingX Referral Code is “ ECXECA ” which helps you to get up to 5125 USDT as a signup bonus reward for new users. So if you are creating an account, use the Referral Code for BingX to get welcome bonus rewards. BingX Exchange offers up to 10% of the commission so why not use the Referral code and save on crypto while trading

BingX Referral Link:- CLICK HERE  and sign up for BingX and get upto USDT 5125

To learn more about the BingX Referral program and referral bonus, keep scrolling!

BingX Referral Code


BingX is one such trading exchange widely used in Asia that provides a safe, secure, and fast trading derivatives platform. BingX is great for cryptocurrency traders of all experience levels, but we think that new traders (or any trader who wants to copy trade) will get the most out of signing up with this exchange. There are extensive copy-trading features, which allow you to mirror the trades of experts. The exchange awards several starting bonuses, including no-deposit bonuses. A social trading platform with a transparent rating is a special advantage of the exchange. It is a simple and effective method for earning passive income for novice investors.

BingX Referral Code

BingX BingX Referral Link
BingX 2023 BingX Referral Code ECXECA
BingX login Welcome Bonus 5125 USDT
BingX Referral Code Valid Now

How To Create an Account on BingX using Referral code

  1. Click Here & Visit BingX Page  or You Can Visit From the App
  2. Register either with Your E-mail or mobile No.
  3. Set Password
  4. Enter BingX Referral Code: ECXECA
  5. Create account
  6. Verify Your E-mail or Mobile no. by giving the correct code
  7. Start trading in USDT, BTC, or any other convenient pair.

BingX Referral Code

How To Refer & Earn From BingX

  1. After Signup Kindly go to the dashboard
  2. You will see the My Account Menu Bar
  3. From My Account Menu Bar, you will see Invite to earn
  4. From Invite to earn, You can share your BingX Referral Code or link with friends and relative
  5. You can Earn Unlimited Money by Referring
If You Are in Influencer Marketing

From Menu Bar Just Go To BingX Affiliate Program , from which you can apply

BingX Referral Program

  1. Copy the link and share it on social media to invite your friends, or invite friends via “Poster” and bingx referral Code.
  2. For higher referral commission, click on “Upgrade” and you’ll see that you can upgrade from Lv1 with a commission ratio of 10% to Lv2 with a commission ratio of 20% by inviting 10 friends who register and trade with BingX. Your commission ratio will level up as your valid referrals increase during a certain period. Lv1 users only get the commission from direct referees. Upgrade to Lv2 or above to get a both direct and indirect commission. The indirect commission is earned when your valid referees invite their friends successfully. For specifics, the latest announcement shall prevail.

BingX Features

  • Copy Trading
    With the automatic and beginner-friendly copy trading feature, users can gain profit by simply copying the trades of professional traders. With the most principal traders available, BingX is able to provide users with a wide selection of traders based on their trading styles.
  • Comprehensive Index Price Calculation
    The BingX Index Price Calculation collects spot market data from Binance, Huobi, OKEx & Etoro, which effectively avoids the malicious manipulation of the price.
  • Demo Trading
    Provide a demo trading system to help new contract traders get started easily as well as help trading pros refine their experience.
  • Lower Fees
    Easy to use with lower transaction costs.
  • Various Trading Options
    A limit order, market order, take profit and stop loss, as well as Cross Margin mode and Isolated Margin mode.
  • Real-Time Market Tickers
    Price information of trading pairs can be viewed on mobile desktops without entering BingX APP.
  • Crypto News and Analysis, Auto Trade Robot, Market Insights, Price Trackers & More.

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