Hoo.com Invitation Code: Get Discount in Trading Free | 2021

Hoo.com Invitation code is  26671554 which helps you to get upto 50% discount on trading fee. If you are a creating account than use Hoo invitation code to get cashback and discount on trading fee.

Hoo.com Invitation code Link :- CLICK HERE and register your account in Hoo.com by using this link.

hoo.com invitation Code

Hoo  originated from the Spring and Autumn Warring States and prevailed in the Qin and Han Dynasties. It was a token used by the ancient Chinese emperors to grant the military power. Hoo is a tiger-shaped token made of copper which is divided into left and right halves. The right half is kept to the emperor and the left half is sent to the hand of the general. When the left and the right half match each other, the one who has it would have the power to deploy forces and dispatch troops.

Hoo Exchange Invitation Code 2021

Hoo invitation code is 26671554

Crypto Exchange
Hoo.com Invitation code 26671554
Refer & Earn offer
Signup Bonus 50% discount
Per Referral 30% fee

How To Create Account on Hoo.com using Invitation code

  1. First of signup from here
  2. Enter email and other required details
  3. Verify it
  4. Enter Hoo invitation code : 26671554
  5. Create account
  6. Start trading in USDT, BTC or any other convenient pair.

Hoo.com Referral Program

1. The number of friends you can invite varies based on your VIP level. Upgrade your level to invite more friends. See VIP Rights > >

2. When a friend accepts your invitation. Both you and your friend will get 50 points which have the same valid period stated in the VIP rights.

3. Each time when your friend makes a transaction, you will get certain amounts of commission accordingly.First level friends get 20% of commission max; Second level friends get 10% of commission max.

4. The commission will be locked for 30 days. Commission = Actual Fee * Commision rate.

5. Hoo will calculate the price of the coin according to the market price of USDT. The amount of coins rewarded may vary based on the price.

6. Only when your friends make Spot Trading will you be eligible of getting the commission fee.

7. If the one you invited disobeys related risk control rules, you will be disqualified of getting the commission.
Please refer to the announcements of Hoo official if there are any changes to the rules. Hoo reserves the right of the final explaination.

Main features Of Hoo Invitation Code

Send & Receive: Storage and manage your digital assets in a safe manner

Markets: Follow the latest digital assets price trends and get notified with the fluctuating markets

Referral and VIP rights: Enjoy more gain value on Hoo

HOO Referral & Invitation Guideline

Users invited by you become your 1st level friends; those invited by them become your 2nd level friends

You can enjoy 20% of their trading fee reward from 1st level friends, 10% from 2nd level friends

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