Please note that the referral reward will be locked for 30 days and, only after that time has passed, it will be unlocked. If the funds are withdrawn from the account during the 30 days lock period, the reward will be canceled and there is no way to receive it again.

The referral program is meant for new users joining Celsius, as we also have promo codes (first deposit) designed for these users, as a new user, you can either use the referral code or a first deposit promo code, you can’t use both.

  • Complete KYC (Identity Verification).
  • Receive confirmation of account
  • Transfer $400 or more worth of coins
    to your Celsius wallet

Celsius Network Features

  •  Transfer your crypto capital (in over 40+ cryptocurrencies!) to your secure account
  •  Earn weekly on your crypto – up to 15% APY (paid every week)
  •  Access promo codes and earning deals and earn even more on your cryptos
  •  Check your potential return on your crypto holdings with Celsius currency calculator
  •  Crypto loans – apply for a cash loan against your crypto in just seconds
  •  Check bitcoin price, Ethereum rates and the status of other cryptocurrencies on your crypto portfolio