Jubi Invitation Code Get Signup Bonus Reward | 聚币 2021

Jubi Invitation Code is P2Anwr ” which helps you to get signup bonus reward. So if you are creating an account then use the Jubi Invitation Code to get USDT cashback and a discount on the trading fee. JBEX Exchange is offering 20% of the commission so why not use 聚币 邀请码 and save on crypto while trading.

聚币 Invitation Code Link:- CLICK HERE and register your account in Jubi by using this link.

To learn more about the 聚币 邀请码 program and referral bonus, keep scrolling!

聚币 Invitation Code

Jbex Exchange Keep Providing Safe & Stable Digital Assets Trading Services To Users Worldwide. Jubi Exchange is a centralized exchange based in Singapore. It supports crypto-crypto trading and perpetual swaps. Jbex Platform Is Committed To Creating A Compliant, Safe, And Reliable Digital Asset Trading Environment For Users

Jubi Invitation Code 2021

JBEX invitation code is P2Anwr

👉 聚币 Signup Bonus!
➡️ Jubi 邀请码 P2Anwr
💰 Welcome Bonus USD Reward
✅ Valid Now

How To Create Account on BKEX using Invitation code

  1. Click Here & Visit Jbex Page  or You Can Visit From App
  2. Register either with Your E-mail Or Mobile No.
  3. Set Password
  4. Verify Your E-mail or Ya Mobile No.
  5. Enter JUBI invitational code : P2Anwr
  6. Create account
  7. Start trading in USDT, BTC or any other convenient pair.

How To Refer & Earn From JBEX

  1. After Signup Kindly go to the dashboard
  2. You will see My Account
  3. In My Account Menu, you will see My Invite
  4. From My Invite You can share your JUBI Invitation Code or link with friends and relative
  5. You can Earn Unlimited Money by Referring

聚币 Invitation Program

  1. Each valid user registered on Jubi is eligible to invite friends and enjoy referral fee rebates.
  2. After a referee registers and trades (including spot and contract trading), generating a trading fee, the inviter can enjoy at least 20% of the referee’s trading fee as the basic commission. Jubi.com will also introduce a referral rebate qualification criteria based on the number of JTs held by users and the number of effective referees. The higher the qualification level, the larger the rebate ratio, which can be up to 50% of the referee’s trading fees.
  3. The referral fee rebates commence from the referee registration sign-up date. And the valid period to enjoy referral rebates is at least 180 days by default. Jubi.com will also extend the effective period of rebates according to the qualification level of referral rebates. Users can enjoy referral fee rebates for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and even unlimited time respectively based on their qualification levels.

JBEX Features

  • Security

A Platform With Cutting-Edge Risk Control And Multiple Layers Of Security Measures; Complying With CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS).

  • Expertise

A Trading System With A Self-Developed And High-Throughput Matching Engine Supporting 2 Million Transactions Per Second.

  • Stability

An Architecture With High Availability Disaster Recovery, Decentralized Custody &Clearing, And Always-On DDoS Protection.

  • Compliance

Jbex Exchange Exemption Granted By Monetary Authority Of Singapore (MAS) From Holding A Licence Under The Payment Service Act.

  • Safety & Security 

For Safety, Coins.Ph Lets You Use Two Factor Authentication.  Complying With CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS).. This Adds An Extra Layer Of Security To Your Account.

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